Digital infrastructure & Digital Services for Business

Consulting, design, building, Integration and Implementation Services

Tronic Asia Group is a Technology Solutions Provider with proven technology expertise, supply chain management capabilities and a wide network of technology partners and suppliers. Tronic is well known name since 1993. Story began from Singapore and expand to several countries in ASEAN.

We offer full range of services for your digital infrastructure creation:

  • Consulting
  • Design and Engineering
  • IT Service Management
  • Software development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain

Digital infrastructure that drives growth

Our main goal to provide secured digital infrastructure for your business operation.

Our experts have many years of experience in specialized data center building and hands-on experience in assessing, enabling, migrating, optimizing, planning, designing, testing and deploying IT infrastructure, networks and cloud architectures.

Tronic Asia Group at WCIT 2022
  • September 13, 2021
  • Setia SPICE Convention Centre, Penang, Malaysia
  • October 5, 2022
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Datacenter Design and Engineering

Design, supply of hardware and provide of all necessary engineering, telecommunications and IT infrastructure

+ High partner status from world's leading hardware manufacturers
+ Industry-leading standards compliance
+ Technologically-advanced architecture
+ Several business models (DaaS, IaaS, PaaS)

Clouds for business

Private Clouds for business with exclusive access, increased productivity, greater scalability, self-service and top-level security

Flexible constructor of physical resources: servers, data warehouses, network equipment, which are managed through a system of virtualization and orchestration (based on OpenStack and other solutions)

IT Service Management

Smart solutions for IT-Assets, IT-Services and IT-System management

Full range solutions for ITAM, ITSM and IT-discovery from of ALLOY Software

More 10 Years experience of ITSM and ITAM-projects based on Ivanti, ex.LANDESK, software solutions for International Companies

Over 10 years of experience and expertise in IT

Broad professional skills in IT and management

High partner status from software and hardware suppliers

Own development based on Open Source SW

Our Services:

Manufacturing and construction:

  • Turnkey design and deployment of datacenter facilities
  • Design and deployment of engineering and communications networks
  • Deployment of server hardware
  • Commissioning works
  • Manufacturing of modular datacenters
  • Datacenter component manufacturing
  •  and more

Design and installation:

  • Cloud architecture engineering personally for your own project
  • Supply, installation and configuration of equipment
  • Software installation, license activation
  • Training your technicians and IT administrators
  • Supply and installation of spare parts and additional equipment
  • and more

Maintain and administration:

  • Server administration, support for operating systems, DBMS, application servers
  • IT infrastructure management based on various virtualization solutions (Proxmox, VMware, Hyper-V etc.)
  • Management and monitoring of network infrastructure
  • Administration of Linux, Microsoft OS and IT-services
  • Implementation, configuring and supporting of private OpenStack clouds
  • Setting up corporate applications
  • and more

IT Service Management:

  • Management and monitoring of IT-infrastructure 24/7
  • Incident management
  •  Centralized update management for firmware and software
  • Control of equipment performance and resource capacity
  • IT Asset Management
  • Unified End Point management
  • Business process automation
  • and more

Software Development

  • Technical specification development
  • Program design, taking into account business tasks and demands
  • Development of Alpha and Beta versions of the software
  • Testing
  • Software deployment
  • Post-deployment technical and service support
  • and more
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